HBO Wound Care

Wound Care/Hyperbaric Medicine

Many hospitals nationwide recognize the growing demand for one of medicine’s most cutting-edge subspecialties — wound care and hyperbaric medicine. As a partner in best-in-class healthcare, Infinity HealthCare continues to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the changing face of medicine, and wound care and hyperbaric medicine are at the forefront.

Continuity of Care

The utility of this treatment modality continues to expand as more hospitals recognize the benefits to patients and the hospital. Infinity HealthCare has delivered wound care and hyperbaric medicine services to partner hospitals for more than five years. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) trained/certified specialists oversee and manage patients in the delivery of these beneficial treatments.

Infinity HealthCare prides itself on offering continuity and consistency of care in its commitment to staff and managing wound care/hyperbaric medicine programs. The benefit to patients, as well as partner hospitals, is uncompromised treatment, across the spectrum, provided by emergency physicians — a feature that is unmatched by virtually any other hospital group.

Program Goals

As this medical specialty continues to grow, Infinity HealthCare continues to set ambitious program goals. These goals include the following:

  • Forming strategic partnerships with hospitals
  • Supporting hospital surgical programs
  • Recognizing the potential of each program’s growth and overall success
  • Building physician relationships
  • Attracting new patients to hospitals
  • Marketing these services through medical staff education programs

Are you a hospital executive researching partnership options? From wound care and emergency department management to anesthesia and radiology management, Infinity HealthCare can help you. So contact us and learn more.