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For over thirty years, Infinity HealthCare has positively impacted healthcare in the Midwest region and become the premier provider of Emergency Department Management services. Infinity HealthCare is an expanding group of residency trained, board certified physicians providing a wide spectrum of healthcare services:

Infinity HealthCare has a proven track record of excellence in providing the highest quality management and staffing to its partner hospitals. Because Infinity prides itself on excellent patient satisfaction, efficient operations and integration throughout the medical staffs and communities it serves, a measurable level of service is provided that exceeds expectations.

Infinity HealthCare invites you to explore and learn more about the website; contact us directly at any time.

Are you a physician? Infinity HealthCare can help you achieve your career development and lifestyle goals. Learn more about available Emergency Medicine Physician jobs, Anesthesiologist jobs, and Radiology Physician jobs.

The Benefits of True Partnership

Driven by an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), Infinity is 100% employee owned and every full-time team member has the opportunity to achieve full partnership within the organization. Career development through opportunities in hospital management/administration, educational programs, faculty appointments, clinical research, and publications are enjoyed by Infinity clinicians. This unique partnership model is designed to attract and retain top quality clinicians.

In partnering with client hospitals, Infinity has successfully created local group practices that are backed by its many quality resources, including recruitment, information systems and management services. An executive dashboard developed by Infinity contains key metrics that are used to evaluate department operations as well as patient satisfaction and productivity.

Infinity believes quality healthcare is intrinsic to the strong relationships it has built with its client hospitals. These relationships benefit from Infinity’s far-reaching vision that also supports pre-hospital care systems, ongoing education and training programs, and vital physician feedback and referral systems.

Whether you seek experts in Emergency Department Management, other healthcare management services, and/or want to join a successful group of physicians, Infinity HealthCare is right for you. So contact us and let’s become partners.

In business, as in nature, the most successful organizations are most likely to survive and thrive.

Tenacity. Collaboration. Adaptability. Innovation. These traits are rewarded with longevity, growth and profitability. And - also as in nature - it is these very traits that attract like minded individuals and organizations.

It is these very traits that make Infinity HealthCare the Natural Selection.

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