Emergency Medicine

Because Infinity HealthCare first started out as an emergency department management provider more than 30 years ago, emergency medicine is historically significant for Infinity HealthCare. Since its inception as the first group practice to offer residency-trained, board-certified emergency medicine physicians in Wisconsin, Infinity has expanded to 29 practice sites in Wisconsin and Illinois. Today, it is the largest emergency medicine group practice in Wisconsin.

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Clinicians and Hospitals Working as One

Each hospital partnership allows Infinity the opportunity to share its progressive and committed approach to emergency medicine. This is achieved through full integration of clinicians into hospital medical teams and local communities as well as experienced on-site medical directors who work closely with hospital administration. Utilizing its custom executive dashboard, Infinity incorporates benchmarks and performance metrics into every practice. Patient satisfaction, core measures and best practice guidelines are utilized to evaluate efficiency, productivity and performance, with the ultimate goal of maximizing the patient’s experience and the hospital’s overall success.

Benefits That Foster Longevity

Infinity’s reputation for maintaining long and lasting relationships with client hospitals is evidenced through its continuing associations with its clinicians. Infinity HealthCare understands that its most important assets are its clinicians. Drawing from top-rated training programs across the country, Infinity has built a strong, stable team of the “best and brightest” clinicians. Career advancement is encouraged, and it is common for Infinity clinicians to hold executive positions, maintain academic appointments and be involved in clinical research. Infinity clinicians also have many administrative career paths available to them, including EMS direction, quality assurance and occupational medicine.

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