True Integration in Hospital Management Services

The difference in becoming part of a hospital’s culture

Infinity HealthCare has earned its reputation for providing the highest quality healthcare and hospital management services. As partners in best-in-class healthcare, the hospitals that partner with Infinity benefit from a relationship characterized by longevity, growth and profitability. Above all, its partner hospitals rely on Infinity personnel as problem solvers.

Already an established force in emergency department management and services throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, Infinity HealthCare deploys clinicians representing a wide range of medical specialties. Residency-trained, board-certified clinicians from many of the nation’s leading residency programs join Infinity HealthCare and offer expert care in the fields of emergency medicine, hospital medicine, wound care and hyperbaric medicine.

Are you a hospital executive researching partnership options? From emergency medicine to telemedicine and radiology, Infinity HealthCare can help you. So, contact us and learn more.

Partners in Healthcare

Infinity HealthCare’s success is built on its longstanding relationships with partner hospitals and its ability to fully integrate with the medical teams and local communities it serves. By developing local group practices within each partner hospital that are supported by key Infinity resources, such as recruiting, information systems, medical billing, performance metrics and human resources, Infinity is able to meet the specific needs of each client hospital.

Infinity’s experience and expertise provide client hospitals with the services that enhance quality with increased profitability. Development and implementation of stroke centers, trauma centers, TJC quality assurance/improvement compliance and education programs, marketing and community relations activities and consulting services geared toward improved operational and process flow are among the many service enhancements Infinity HealthCare offers.

Infinity HealthCare’s relationship with each hospital administration is, in every sense, a true joint venture. Infinity believes that no other arrangement can match its capability to deliver a superior, committed, high-quality and experienced management team that will afford the competitive advantage for future success.