From pre-med through residency, you’ve led the way.

For you, Infinity is the natural selection.

Coming from the country’s top-rated medical training programs, all Infinity clinicians share a common ethic, expectation and intent to prosper. Infinity strives to ensure that each new healthcare provider who joins our team is an ideal fit for Infinity and that Infinity is an ideal fit for the clinician. Infinity offers physicians rewarding careers and stimulating lifestyles in the Midwest.

Aspiration Brings Reward

Infinity HealthCare seeks clinicians who aspire to bigger and better things as they advance through their careers. Infinity offers an enticing range of career advancement opportunities and practice locations across Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Whether seeking a position in a metropolitan area with high volume and acuity or a quieter, rural setting, opportunities are available through Infinity HealthCare.

Join Our Team

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Physician Careers at Infinity HealthCare

Infinity HealthCare’s emergency clinicians are defined by the quality of and passion for their practice. Residency-trained, board-certified emergency physicians from top-ranking programs around the country are drawn to emergency medicine career opportunities at Infinity. As the first group practice to offer residency-trained emergency medicine services and ED management in the region, Infinity HealthCare’s reputation is built on longevity and genuine, lasting relationships. Infinity HealthCare is proud to partner with 29 facilities in the Midwest.

HBO/Wound Care

HBO/Wound Care Careers at Infinity HealthCare

The field of hyperbaric medicine and wound care is quickly gaining momentum.

For clinicians interested in a specific focus within emergency medicine, this subspecialty is ideal. The opportunity to employ new skills and work with patients in different ways is an exciting feature for the Infinity HealthCare team. Infinity clinicians trained in this innovative form of treatment have the opportunity to bring those talents to Infinity’s client hospitals throughout the Midwest.


Advanced Practice Provider Careers at Infinity HealthCare

Infinity HealthCare has successfully incorporated Advance Practice Providers (APPS), including NPs, PAs and CRNAs, in many of our practices. These professionals are recognized as essential collaborators in the delivery of optimal care. They are treated with respect and are highly regarded by physicians and the nursing staff, as well as the ancillary and support staff. The basis of our success has been consistent clinical excellence.

Hospital Medicine

Hospital Medicine Careers at Infinity HealthCare

As of August 2012, Infinity HealthCare began providing coverage and management for Hospital Medicine Services. We have developed a dedicated team of physicians and advanced practice providers who have been pertinent to the success of the service thus far. The now highly regarded service has already received many compliments from administration, the medical community and staff.

Locations and Lifestyles

Living the Good Life at Infinity, Where the Choices Are Infinite

A career with Infinity HealthCare not only represents a partnership with one of the premiere healthcare companies in the Midwest, but it also means the opportunity to choose the lifestyle that best suits you and your family. Whether you imagine an active lifestyle in the heart of an exciting metropolis or prefer the great outdoors in a more scenic location, with multiple practice locations throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, Infinity provides a wide range of quality lifestyle choices.